Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ollie

To my gorgeous, clever boy, Ollie...

Yet another birthday has rolled around faster than I could have imagined.  You are now THREE!  Three years has not felt like three years.  I honestly feel like I have been cheated out of time as it has gone so fast... but it's ok... I love watching you grow and get older.

I've been you're mummy for 3 years now and I am very very proud of the lovely big boy you are becoming.  You have learnt, experienced and accomplished so much since the day you were born.

You are going to be starting pre-school in September and part of me wonders how I will use my time when you are away each day.... part of me kind of wants you to stay at home a little longer but the other part of me knows you are going to LOVE it there.

Since your last birthday, your speech has improved 100%... you know so many words and people are often surprised at how many words and phrases you know.  You went on your first camping trip with mummy and daddy!  You know all your shapes and colours and you are quickly learning how to share!  You are fully potty trained (though not at nighttime).  Just a few days ago you drew your first clear picture and it was a drawing of me... you're also a pro at drawing train tracks.  You use super cute phrases like "I'm happy you're here mummy" and "You look pretty mummy" and you got your first pet.... a little Jack Russell called Lola.

You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Special Agent Oso, you are still in love with anything to do with trains, cars, trucks, diggers, mud and sand.  We bake together sometimes... and you like the batter before it is cooked.  You love to wrestle with daddy on the bed when he comes home from work and you know how to bodyslam him.  You're favourite foods are chicken, gravy, mash, olives, meatballs, cereal, fruit and crisps and you aren't scared of spicy food!

When it comes to discipline.... well you pretty much ignore us on that one.... haha.  We use the naughty step but you normally tell me "I don't want to sit on the naughty step"... I make sure you do anyway.  You can have quite the temper sometimes!!  I wonder who you get that from!!

I think you look very like daddy.... so handsome!

You are our little ray of sunshine and we feel lucky to have you.

Lots of love, Mummy


  1. Happy birthday Ollie, your Mummy is right you are very handsome. My little man loves Mickey Mouse and Oso too :)

    Hope you have a lovely birthday!

  2. such a lovely post Emma xx Happy Birthday Ollie xx

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Ollie! Time does fly by:)

  4. Happy Birthday, Ollie.


  5. Happy Birthday Ollie