Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recent Ollie-isms

Body slaaaaam (play wrestling with daddy.... though when you ask him how you be with girls he says "gently")

Nice to meet you mummy.... happy to meet you

I need your kisses mummy (he said this first thing in the morning when he dandered into our room)

I don't like stinky poos, I don't eat dem

You're not me, I'm me, you're you

Thanks for wiping my bum mummy (nice to be thanked isn't it!)

Roshambo not got a willy.....has got a wendy (he noticed his teddy had no willy....)


  1. awk how cute is he?! lol. I especially like the one where he says he'll be gentle with the girls aw he's goin to grow up 2 b a real gentleman!

  2. bwahahaha! so cute! i'm torn between the comment about his needing your kisses as my favorite, and the one about not eating stinky poos... it's a toss up. :)

  3. He doesn't eat them? Well thank goodness! LOL. I love this age, they come up with the funniest things.