Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A poorly boy…


Little man became unwell today after we left toddler group.  We were on our way home and we had stopped at a shop to pick up something nice for lunch.  All of sudden I heard Ollie shriek from his pram “the juice is all over the pram mummy” and when I turned to look he had vomited all over the pram, his clothes and the shop floor.  Poor wee thing.

We came home and he was sick again, and again, I gave him a bath in which he was sick, and again.  He was being sick about every 20-30 minutes and we got through all the blankets and pjs in the house!
He was going through phases of being quite perky and then phases of being drowsy and sad.

Ollie has NEVER had a vomiting bug… in his almost 3 years of existence, so this is new to us!  It is so sad hearing him wretch and have nothing come up and it’s making his little tummy sore.

The Dr. said it is gastroenteritis and it should ease up for him tomorrow at some point.  I hope so.  He has fallen asleep on the sofa and I hope he gets a good and restful sleep tonight (it’s 7.45pm here)…as today has been horrid for him.

And here is hoping that neither James or I get it too!


  1. Hope sweet Ollie gets better soon :)

  2. Awww, poor guy. It's aweful when our little ones get sick like this. The good thing is that they usually recover very quickly. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Oh no! I hope he gets well soon! Poor lil cutie!

  4. You should totally link this cutie u up to the quarterly top 5.....sick or not.

    I hope he feels better soon. It is tough having a sick baby.

  5. Gosh, he's too cute! Love your blog - I'm a new follower ;)

    By the way, I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog, you can check it out here:


  6. He's still a cutie even though he's sick. Poor little guy! We all just got over a nasty stomach virus. Ew.