Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm so proud of the boy...

The last time I updated on Ollie... he was about 28 months I think.

Now Ollie is 33 months..... with less than 3 months to go until he turns 3!  Time just seems to be going FAR too fast.  I don't feel like I have been a mummy for almost 3 years.  It is hard to explain what I mean.... I mean the time that has passed doesn't FEEL like 3 years and I feel a bit robbed! Hehe.  Everyone told me the time goes by so fast, but I didn't believe them.

I have never been one to get emotional though, the older they get.  I love it!  Every new stage/ milestone that Ollie reaches is so much more exciting than the last.

So what can I tell you about Ollie these days....?

OH!  In just under 4 weeks we find out which school he got accepted in to!  We applied to 4 schools and are desperately hoping he gets into one of our first 2 choices.  I'm so excited for him to start.  If you ask him where is he going in September he replies "I'm going to school".... if I ask what is he going to do at school he says "Going to play cars.  The boys want to play cars with me."

He is fully potty trained (daytime....) and doesn't have accidents anymore.  He is able to go on a toilet too rather than just his potty and balances himself!  I'm surprised by how well he took to potty training.  I think I was quite lucky and that he was completely ready when I tried.  He is dry almost every naptime and has been dry on the occasional morning, I guess that just comes naturally though!

Ollie can use an iPad independently.... haha.

Ollie still can not dress himself, but he can put socks and trousers on.... and has no trouble taking all of his clothes off.  He is able to pull his pants and trousers up and down himself when going to the toilet.

He still naps!! 2 hours every day between 1 and 3!  This is when I get the main bulk of housework completed/ relax, depending on the day I have had!  For instance.... today has been rubbishy so far, so I'm chilling out, catching up on missed tv shows and snacking on junk food.

Some rhymes Ollie knows and can say all by himself include Twinkle Twinkle, I Had a Little Turtle and Row Row Row Your Boat.  He claps for himself when he is finished...

His drawing skills are developing really fast though I don't have a picture here right now (will post on Wednesday).  Last week I had paper and colours out for him and I asked him what he wanted to draw.  He told me he wanted to draw Daddy, so I told him he should draw a nice, round head first.  He then did little dots and a line for a mouth and then 4 lines which resembled arms and legs.  I was so proud and so taken aback by it!

When it comes to colours and shapes, Ollie knows most of them, but he can't count yet.  He counts "1, 2, 4, 8, 9" hehe.  I'm sure that will come soon though.

Isn't it incredible the rate at which they learn?  And in less than 6 months he will be away to nursery school and will be learning even more!

OH! I tried to teach him his address recently and let's just say that he does NOT live at 17 Morning Present.... hehe!


  1. time does go way to fast doesn't it??
    Stopping by to say hi from the Monday Mom Blog Hop! I'm a new follower and would love if you'd return the favor!

  2. Go, Ollie!

    So wonderful to be able to record his milestones.

    I am afraid I only used the Red HV baby book and that was limited.

    They reach new goals so often it is easy to forget.


  3. He is doing so well. JDanie is fighting naps and toilet training. He just turned three. I can't believe it either.

  4. They grow so fast :-( My little one is 13 months and I miss when she was able to fit right in one arm and nursing.

  5. hehe aww cute photos.

    an i love your layout. adorable!

  6. The time goes by way too fast! I know exactly how you feel and "robbed" is a perfect word for it!

    Ollie is adorable - he is always so happy in his pictures. Sounds like he is doing wonderfully & you have every reason to be proud of your lil man!

    Hope you get into the school you want for him.


  7. What a cutie! My own little one turns 2 in 2 months. I can't believe it. They DO grow up fast, don't they?