Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's Ollie up to at 28 months?

At 28 months Ollie now uses phrases like: I have a train (this recently changed from 'Ollie have a train').  He very rarely refers to himself in 3rd person anymore.  He also knows the difference between words such as 'eat' and 'ate' and is using them in the right context.  He knows and regularly uses a few adjectives too.  He previously had trouble saying 'please' and it came out more like 'feeees', but he surprised James and I with a perfectly pronounced 'please' a few days ago in the car.  He has said it correctly ever since.

Ollie looking cute in his winter jumper!

Ollie knows his colours really well since we recently introduced flashcards!  He knows that my hair is brown and that his hair is blonde.  It was very cute teaching him how to say blonde... he couldn't quite pronounce the 'bl' sound to begin with.  The flashcards have also taught him his shapes.... he even knows hexagon, but struggles on oval (which to Ollie, looks like a circle) and diamond/ rhombus.

Ollie eating ice-cream at a recent birthday party!

One thing we are working on at the moment is manners!  He is quite good at saying 'thank you' after he is given something but I always have to prompt him to say 'please' when asking for something.  Ollie will say 'excuse me' after he farts but needs prompted for that too.

Jumping in the puddles :)

We still love doing arty bits and pieces together and I find that he is colouring within the lines intentionally, whereas before he didn't really mind where the colours went.  He can draw a line if I ask him to (albeit wiggly!) and he will draw dots if you ask him to also.

The 3 of us at a wedding a couple of weeks ago!

He can put trousers on himself, but can not put on vests or tshirts... he has no trouble taking them off haha!

We still need to venture into potty training properly very soon.  I think he is ready!  I'm so nervous.

School open days start in a months time and we have to apply in less than 3 months.


  1. Nice family photo!

    I follow Olly with interest as The Badoo is 28 months too. x

  2. Great photos!

    It is so lovely to have this blog record of his goals so you can see how far he has progressed when you look back


  3. I love that he uses such good manners!

  4. You guys look so good in the wedding pic!

  5. Hi, Emma. I found you over at SITS. I peeked in on the tribe for those w/ youngsters and figured I'd come over and say hi! Nice to meet you! :)

  6. Oh he's so handsome! It sounds like your little man is growing wonderfully!

    Stopping by from the Hedgehog Tribe on SITS.

  7. What a cutie! I am so impressed that he can help dress and undress himself. JDaniel still struggles with it.

    Stopping from Tribe Hedgehog!