Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Answers (part 1)

Back in September I told you to ask me ANYTHING!  Here is part one of my answers!

Daisy at Lil' Hiccups asked me what my favourite thing was about being a mum!

Do you know... I can't think of ONE favourite part of being a mum... I love it all.... even the days when he is tantrum-ing grump.  I love the snuggles and kisses he gives me and I love being able to play and do crafts and fun things all day long.  It's so exciting when he reaches a milestone or learns something new and I love being able to be a SAHM so that I can help him learn myself.   Ollie is a little bit silly sometimes too which makes me laugh so much.

S Club Mama asked me what the view looks like out my front or back door.... to be honest, neither is very interesting at all!  Here is the front!

bluewhitelife asked what school would be like for Ollie here in Ireland and also how much do I love Tot School.

Kiddies start school (nursery) here when they are 3 or 4.... the cut off is 30th June, so Ollie will start nursery when he is 3 years and 2 months.  He will probably be one of the youngest since he is so close to the cut off date (his birthday is 5th June).  Nursery isn't structured quite like school.  They will be taught basics and mostly play and do crafts.  He goes into P1 (primary 1) when he is 4 and this is where real school begins :)  He will stay in Primary School until he P7 (when he should be 10 and a couple of months).  After P7 he will transfer to High School where he will go on to do GCSEs when he is 16 and A-LEVELS (if he wants) when he is 17/18.

I'm excited for him to start school.  I know he will totally love it.  I think come September he will be more than ready to spend his days with people other than me!!!  I can't wait for him to make friends and come home and tell me stories about his day :)  We begin looking at schools in November to apply in January!

We are a bit late in re-starting Tot School... but yes we seriously love it.  I've been putting a lot of work into creating a whole curriculum for us to follow until July.  I will probably put it up on my Etsy store: Indiechick Printables, when it is finished :)  Next week we will be  learning all about the weather, days of the week, months and autumn!

Amanda at The Nutritionist Reviews asked how we chose the name Ollie...

We went through quite a few names before we decided on Ollie.  His name is Oliver but I can't remember exactly when we decided on the name.  We chose it because it sounded proper and strong.  We also wanted a name that would be cute for a child (Ollie) but that would translate well into adulthood (Oliver).  We just liked it!  As for his middle names - Charlie James.... well James is his daddy's name and I LOVED Charlie... James wouldn't let me have Charlie be his first name so that is why it is his second name!

That's all for today.  Part 2 coming either Saturday or Sunday!  If you like you can ask more questions! I love answering questions!


  1. Great answers. My parents have a love affair thing going on with Ireland. They love all things Irish, especially your scenery, beer, and the Celtic Woman group. :) What is your favorite part about Ireland?

  2. Hi, I really like the painting activity! I've used it before as well and kids love it!
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    come visit me! :)

  3. Way behind in my blog reading - sorry I haven't visited in ages :(

    Love the answers - you did well explaining the education system :)