Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catch up randomness

Just some random thoughts...
  • I adore sushi... having never had it before, James and I ordered some a couple of weeks ago.  Now it is all that I can think about. (Not the raw type though....)
  • I'm in such a slump!  I can't find motivation anywhere to do what needs done!
  • We have booked our holiday to London!!  We leave on the 3rd November and come back on the 9th!
  • We are planning a costume party for Halloween.... on the Saturday we will have one for adults and on the Sunday we will have one for kiddies.  I can't wait.  I am going as a witch and Ollie is going as a skeleton!
  • I am getting around to answering the questions you all asked recently!  It will include a ton of photos...
  • I have another announcement to make about Indiechick Designs... but it needs a little more work!
  • Our house is FULL of spiders and it makes me feel ill.  They are massive and super fast.  What can I do to keep them away!?


  1. Have fun in London! What will you do while on holiday?

  2. Well first....FUN FUN! I am so glad you are going to party for Halloween and for London!!! YAY!
    LOVE sushi :)
    For the spiders.....I don't know....We have the same problem in our basement...I thought about sticky traps because i know where they are coming from, will tell you if it works....I hate spiders!!!

  3. I have a spider problem too. :( If you figure out how to get rid of those nasty things PLEASE post a follow up because I can't take these things in my house anymore!

  4. ok sister! I hate spider here is a website that will help, help,help! I love Steve and he has great advice! Good Luck! Anna @ Moon River

  5. We have a constant battle with spiders every fall...I found that spraying Lemon Pledge on the door thresholds and window sills once a week or so works great and no scary pesticides to worry about!

  6. Happy Follow Friday! Hope your having a great week so far!

  7. Have a FAB time in LONDON!

    New Follower- thanks for Hosting the Linky


  8. New follower! Thanks for hosting the Friday Follow!


  9. We used to have a spider problem. The best solution we found was getting a house cat. They love the spiders and I don't even have to think about it anymore.

  10. Visiting from follow friday. Nice to meet you. Come visit my kitchen for some great recipes!