Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ollie Update!

I was reading 'What to Expect - The Toddler Years' this morning and realised just how amazing my little man is (I already knew he was amazing... but it puts it in perspective!!). By the way... it is a great book with a section each month divided into 'by the end of this month your toddler.... should be able to', '....will probably be able to' and '...may possibly be able to'.

He is currently 26 months old and quite advanced with regards to the book!

Between 25 and 27 months he has ALL of the should be able's and may be able's:

More than 50 single words (he has A LOT more...he knows the words for things I didn't even know he knew!).

Combine words (he can string a sentence of up to about 6 words!).

Follow a 2 step command without gestures.

On top of the things from 'should be able' he can jump now (still working on that but he can do it properly if he tries!), brush his teeth (I still give them a scrub after too!), build a tower of 8 or more cubes, carry on a conversation in sentences, identify his friends by names!  The only things he can't really do yet are use his prepositions (a bit hit and miss!) and put on a tshirt by himself!

I skipped ahead to the next chapter - 28 to 30 months.

As well as the above he should be able to name 6 body parts (he actually knows them ALL.... right down to nipples!), balance on each foot for 1 second (check!) may even be able to use 2 adjectives (he has quite a lot of adjectives actually... wet, hot, scary, fluffy, fast).

I'm so proud of him.... he is doing so well and although the tantrums are hard and upsetting, at least we know he is all on track developmentally.  He is becoming quite good at using his manners and will say thank you completely unprompted most of the time.  

We will be looking at schools this December, to apply to in January.  He will be starting next September!!  So soon!  We will have to make proper moves on potty training in the next few months.

I am taking Ollie for his first proper dentist appointment today!  Let's hope he will let her have a look!


  1. Ollie is your first right? They are usually the ones that take off and jump over standards (maybe I am just saying that because I am the oldest ;-)) Also I taught high school English for 18 years and some of my big kids still struggled with their prepositions! Just have fun with him and take pictures of this lovely process called about life!

  2. How exciting! I can't wait til my little one is at this stage - she is only 4 months right now but she still learns SO much every single day.

    Can't wait!
    P.S - I'm your newest follower :)