Sunday, August 22, 2010

My poor iPhone!

My poor little iPhone went for a swim in our toilet today courtesy of a certain two year old that lives here.  I was so upset!  I thought for sure it was broken, never to be fixed.  I had the number ready to ring on Monday morning of our insurance company, hoping it would be covered!  I was even figuring out in my head, some things I could sell to buy a new one, if it was not covered by insurance!

Luckily we didn't get that far... James took my phone and stuck it in a bowl of rice.  Who would have thought that would work.... but it did :)

I am still saving up to get the iPhone 4... though I am no longer in a rush!


  1. I never heard of the rice bowl trick, but I wll sure keep it in mind! A lot of things, here on the farm, end up in wet "stuff." Great tip! Glad you don't have to go on an emergency shopping trip!

  2. Yay! I did that with my iPhone, but I was too late, the rice trick didn't work! So glad it did!

  3. How long did you keep it in the rice? I washed my husbands iPhone and it was in water for about 15 minutes. Its been in rice for about 4 days and we have also taken it out and used the blow dryer on it (cool air).

  4. That is too funny. My iPhone went for a swim in our toilet too. But this time it was my own fault.