Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ollie's new friend!!

You may remember the bunch of giveaways we had in honor of Ollie's 2nd birthday!

Well one of the giveaways was very kindly offered by Heather from Bumblebird!

To say thank you for hosting the giveaway for her, she sent Ollie a surprise in the mail!!  How nice is that!??

Ollie has named him Roshambo, after the game of rock, scissors, paper!  He adores him!

You can check out Heather's items at Bumblebird by clicking HERE!


  1. How lovely. Great photo.


  2. How awesome!! Such a great little friend. Happy birthday!

  3. First, Happy Birthday!! Second, so sweet! Third, where did you get lo's bed set? It is adorable!

  4. I received my prize in the post from Bumblebird - adorable :)

    So thanks for the giveaway.

    Will post pics when I get it framed up.