Thursday, July 22, 2010

My birthday in pictures!

I'm now officially closer to 30 than I am to 20... but it's ok!

I had a wonderful birthday... lots of surprises and treats and a lovely family day out!

My birthday started off with a lie-in and being woken up by James and Ollie carrying a massive plate of french toast, maple syrup and crispy bacon.  This is James speciality... the bacon is tucked inside the mountain of french toast.  I know if looks burnt... but it wasn't!  I then opened pressies!  I already had my camera, but James had bought me a top that HE PICKED HIMSELF and it is gorgeous! (He also surprised me with a joke lunchbox.... Hannah Montana...because I like a few Miley Cyrus husband is hilarious huh?)

My mum and my brother Ryan had the day off so they came with us on our trip to the Ulster Folk and Transport museum!  As the weather looked questionable, we opted just to go to the transport part!

Ollie enjoyed it though was quite overwhelmed.  We spent such a long time in the first part... because I didn't know there WERE any other parts.  To my surprise, the part we started in was the first of 5!

It has become tradition to take Ollie somewhere fun on any of our birthdays and I like the tradition.  Last year we took him to the aquarium for my birthday and for James' birthday we took him to Mookie's World (a soft place area).

When we were finished at the museum, we headed to a lovely restaurant/ bar by the sea, called The Dirty Duck.

Ollie was served the biggest 'kid's portion' I think I have ever seen in my life!  He tried scampi but wasn't fussed... the rest of us ate his scampi as a starter!

I had the most delicious crab claws, prawns with leeks and tomatoes in garlic butter, served with toasted ciabatta.  It was heaven in a bowl.  This was followed by pavlova!  I can't eat cream and for as long as I remember, pavlova has always come with cream so I have never been able to choose it as a desert.  This is the first place I have eaten that serve it with cream OR ice-cream on the side!  I was able to have it and I was not disappointed!

After lunch we drove home where James and Ollie went to bed, and my mum took me out shopping!!!  She bought me pyjamas, Thierry Mugler Angel (wanted this for so long!) and some bath bombs from Lush!  I'm also totally lucky, and there is a necklace from Vintage Pearl on it's way to me pretty soon!

On Saturday night, James and I went out with friends.  It was so great to have a proper night out... first in a long time!  I stayed right up until the place pretty much closed!

My birthday didn't even stop here... it continued to Sunday where mum cooked me one of my favourite meals in the world... cola ham, champ and cabbage.  OH YUM.  Also, I got to witness Ollie holding a real life snake... it made me feel ill.

So I am 26 now, and thankful that I still don't have a single grey hair!


  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great time!!! I would be ill too if I saw one of my kids holding that snake!!

    Here's to many, many more great birthdays!

  2. YEAH! What an awesome birthday! Man, I could go for some crab claws! Those look wonderful! Congrats on no gray hairs :)

  3. That was definitely a HUGE kids plate for Ollie! Looks like you had a great day! And don't worry - I think you have a bit to go before you will have grey hairs! :) At least I hope so. I'll be 31 next month and I don't have any yet!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! The food looks so yummy. I could eat it right out of the picture! And look at that little man holding a snack. He is one brave guy!

  5. Happy Birthday! This post made me hungry - and jump out of my chair - thanks to that last pic...

    Hope you have a great year!

  6. happy birthday! lol I had to stop reading your blog last night and go make myself some french toast.