Friday, April 30, 2010

Were away to Scotland....

Until Monday.  We are going away to Kelso, Scotland for my Grandad's memorial service.  It's going to be such a strange, bittersweet weekend.  It will be lovely to see everyone, hug my Granny in real life and see that she is ok... and there are a couple of nice things planned (barbecue etc).... but I just wish we were going under different circumstances.  This very same weekend we should have been throwing a surprise party for my Granny and Grandad's 50th wedding anniversary and they had no idea about it.  What a change of events eh?

I hope that it goes ok, I just wish that he had been able to have the party before he got sick.... he would have been so so shocked and surprised and happy, and everyone would have been left with a very recent and wonderful memory of him.

We are looking forward to the journey there, because it will be Ollie's first time ever on a boat and I know he is going to love it.

Take care readers :)  I'll be back on Monday.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Especially while you were planning such a beautiful party!

  2. Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse's Follow Me Friday to say Hi! I am already a follower! Great blog!

  3. I'm thinking about you during this hard time. I know you have the strength to pull through. Have fun and enjoy making new memories with your family this weekend!

  4. Sorry about your grandfather. At any rate, I hope you get to see lots of family.

    Enjoy the boat :)

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  6. I am so sorry :(
    New to your blog.
    I am following you now and would love if you come follow me back and say hi!
    Gros bisous