Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tot School Week 9 - Springtime

Tot School
Ollie is 22 months old

I am so late in posting this but we have been so busy! We had a lovely week last week as our theme was 'Springtime' and it was wonderful getting into the spirit of good weather and spending time outdoors!

Themed Activities

We read the above books!

Ollie tried using his watercolour paints this week and he took really well to dipping the brush in the water first and then the paint. (In this picture you can also see his concentration tongue sticking out again!!)

We spent an afternoon making bird feeders to hang outside. Basically you just use fat, dried fruit and seeds! You mix everything together and put it in yoghurt pots and then into the fridge to 'set'. He had fun doing this but had trouble handling the fact that what he was making was not food for us but food for birdies!

I made a little sensory bucket for him full of beans and rice and I hid lots of little chicks.  I have him tongs and a big spoon to get the chicks out.  This is the first time we have done something like this and he loved it.  Anytime he thought he saw some yellow fluff he let out the biggest gasp!

After having not been interested in colour matching for weeks, he really tried his hardest this week with colour matching these lambs bodies to their heads.

I saw this idea over at Cassie's blog.... It turned out so cute :)

We made these little foamy things together, using a set I got at my local Tesco.  They didn't last long though because after I got the photo... he came and peeled eyes etc off.

A picnic was not a PLANNED Spring activity but we got a few GORGEOUS days of sunshine and we stayed outside as much as possible, to enjoy it.

Non - Themed Activities

Ollie also had the chance to use his sand and water table again since last summer.  We didn't let him have sand in it last year as felt he was too young, so he had so much fun playing with the sand as soon as it was put out for him.

Ollie played for almost an hour with his Wonderblocks.  They are such a great toy... each box has some beads in but they all make different noises.  Some have just 1 big round bead, others have tiny tiny beads... they all make a different noise when you shake them.  You can use them for colour mixing too by holding them in front of one another in front of the window.  He is getting so good at stacking!

We also did a few activities in the Cbeebies Weekly magazine, though I didn't get any photos!


  1. Is it sad that I really want a sand and water table now?

    Those wonderblocks would also be a welcome gift.

  2. His butterfly turned out SO cute! I really need to get Jackson a sand and water table too.