Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tonight's PMM

(PMM = Proud Mummy Moment)

Tonight we decided to take the plunge and take Ollie's nighttime bottle away.  He has only been having one bottle a day since he was a year old... but I have been wanting to take it away for ages now... he is going to be 2 soon afterall.  We tried a few months ago and it was not happening so we decided to wait and try again some other time...

Tonight was the other time and it went so well!!  I was worried about him not getting as much milk, because he would normally have had a whole bottle before going up to bed and then half a bottle going to sleep... I didn't think I could convince him to drink this much from a cup.  I was wrong.  He had 2 and a half Tomee Tipee cups before bed.  There was a little moan and whinge from him but I just told him that we were going somewhere really fun tomorrow and that we would see his friend Ivy... and he closed his eyes.

There has not been a peep since.  I had myself geared up for an awful time of it and I was ready to not back down... I'm very surprised.  Obviously he is ready to give it up.

Nappies is next I suppose... but maybe not for a couple of months.


  1. Just checking in to make sure you got my info for the blog makeover?

  2. I know it has to be done sometime. I had 5 kids. But, my theory was, I've never seen a kid go to high school with a bottle so who cares? Good luck with Ollie and his bottle breaking.

  3. That's great. You have every reason to be proud. Sometimes we gear ourselves up for the worst and are then pleasantly surprised when we aren't faced with a meltdown.

  4. Well that went smoothly! I think it's all about the readiness, so you were right to wait a few months. That's what I did when I was weaning my first from the night boob. I'm worried about babe 2 though as he's seriously latched on, 24-7 and already 13 months. Hopefully he'll be fully weaned sometime before primary school...LOL

  5. Visiting from New Friend Friday: Way to go on making the change! Those are big steps! Fun to see you are on this side of the ocean. We're Americans living in Portugal.

  6. Hello !! Stopping in from New Friend Friday. Love your Blog !

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    Happy Friday !

  7. This is such great news! I tried to take my son's pacifier from him at night and it was no good!

    He'll be 2 in august and I he only uses it at night we'll stick to his terms now.

    But your story gives me hope to keep trying!

    Thanks for sharing you PMM!!
    Yay Ollie!