Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tot School Week 2 - Theme Planning

Tot School

This week for Tot School, we didn't really DO Tot School! I struggled so much to think of a theme for us to do, that I spent the week thinking up themes for the next few months!!

Superheroes - Week 3 (starting 22nd February)
Day/ Night - Week 4 (starting 1st March)
Mothers/ Mother's Day - Week 5 (starting 8th March) - To tie in with Mother's Day at the end of the week
St. Patrick's Day - Week 6 (starting 15th March)
Home/ Family - Week 7 (starting 22nd March)
Easter - Week 8 (starting 29th March)
Springtime - Week 9 (starting 5th April)
Space - Week 10 (starting 12th April)
Weather - Week 11 (starting 19th April)
Holidays - Week 12 (starting 26th April) - To tie in with going on holiday at the end of the week
WEEK OFF - Week 13 (starting 3rd May)
Travel/ Transport - Week 14 (starting 10th May)
Under The Sea - Week 15 (starting 17th May)
Love - Week 16 (starting 24th May) - To tie in with James and my wedding anniversary
Birthdays - Week 17 (starting 31st May) - To tie in with his birthday on the 5th June
Bodies - Week 18 (starting 7th June)
Fathers/ Father's Day - Week 19 (starting 14th June)
Faces and Feelings - Week 20 (starting 21st June)
Dinosaurs - Week 21 (starting 28th June)

Each week we also plan to concentrate on learning a letter, a colour and a shape. I hope this list helps inspire someone else too!!

Funny picture of the week (I guess Ollie can reach the countertops now!):


  1. Oh man I was just thinking how I wanted to come up with theme week to help me find focus. This is great. I may use a few of your theme ideas.

  2. Cute pic - can't wait to check back & see all your theme lessons! :) sounds like fun!

  3. Great plans!
    I can't believe the egg picture!

  4. I can completely relate to the egg picture, and wish our "accident" was just eggs. We have a bar height kitchen table, and my little one thought she would pull the place mat off the table after dinner one night. Only problem my glass of water was still on the place mat. One less glass in the cabinet now... Everyone came through safe and sound though!

  5. Those sound like some great plans you have!! I always feel better when I have a course of action!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. What fun themes picked for the next few weeks love it! Woops on the eggs!

  7. Your picture is too funny! Of course, I didnt have to clean it up. It really helps so much to have a plan. I use a few curriculums to give me a base and then run in my own direction. I am looking forward to your school posts.

  8. Must be the week for mischief, my tot had his face full of lipstick. All of your plans sounds great too.

  9. Oops! Love the egg picture, but sorry about the egg mess!

    Great idea to sit down & plan out your future weeks. I really should try to find the time & motivation to do that.

  10. Cutie Pie! Love the look on his face! You are so organized, I have also done a list but cannot stick to it - crazy over here at this stage.

  11. Those look like great plans. We have done a few of them and have a few of them to come in the next few weeks! I can not wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Tot school is such a great idea! I'll have to keep that in mind someday when I have little ones.