Friday, February 12, 2010

Our love story

This May I will have been with James for 6 whole years (married for 3). There is actually only 2 days between our 'getting together/ dating' anniversary and our wedding anniversary!

We met while we were both working in a shop that sold video games and games consoles. To being with I worked downstairs on the shop floor and he worked in the stock room, so we didn't see each other much. To be quite honest I don't remember exactly what it was that made me like him, all I remember is that I thought he was handsome but gloomy and dark. He never said much and I always got the impression he didn't like me. He has since told me that his first impressions of me were that I was annoying and giggly!

It might be a good time to tell you that when I first started to have a crush on James, I was still in a relationship (nearly 2 years i think?). Now before you think of me as the bad guy, I wasn't... my boyfriend at the time was... and he totally deserved to have me fall in love with someone else.

While we worked in GAME, there were many drunken nights out and we found ourselves chatting and flirting a bunch of times so we started to hang out more and more. I would stay over at his house after these nights out and come to work with him the next day (...not like THAT... we never did that!). We started hanging out ALL the time and I loved seeing him and chatting to him on my lunch breaks.

He didn't always work in the stock room. Sometimes he worked on the shop floor... and anytime he did, we would flirt endlessly... we would write notes on till receipt paper (ok... sad I know!) and arrange to do things after work. I remember our boss calling us into the backroom and tellings us on one occassion, that if the chatting and giggling didn't stop... then he would be moved back up to the stockroom.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I were still together, but it was boring with a capital B and there was just no love there. Looking back I think I stayed with him for those 2 years, just out of habit... because he was my first long term boyfriend... not because we were ever really in love.

Lots of other stuff happened next... so a quick recap... my boyfriend and i broke up, someone in work asked me out (i cant remember why i didn't get with James), we lasted 2 weeks, i got back with boyfriend A and James wrote me a letter. In his letter he told me how he really felt and told me that he wanted to be with me. I was a silly girl back then. It wasn't until another 4 months until we really got together. James ended up having a fall out with me and telling me we couldn't be friends anymore because his feelings for me were too much and he didn't like to see me with my boyfriend. This lasted only a little while before he said he would rather have me as his friend than nothing at all.

The day before we got together, I made the realisation (finally!! silly slly girl) that we should definitely be together. When I was with my boyfriend, James was all I could think about... I would sit there wishing I was sitting beside James. When I was with James, I was the happiest ever and was having the most fun. I spoke to James the day before I broke up with my boyfriend. I was waiting for my bus home, and I told James that I wanted something so much, but wasn't sure if what I wanted, wanted me too still... James said he was sure it would all work out.

The next morning I broke up with my boyfriend... leaving him in tears... and I walked straight from there to GAME to tell James the news and to arrange a date for that very night.

That night we went to a restaurant near his house and it was so strange finally being together as a couple. I remember the first time we held hands, it just felt so nice... and exciting...

We told each other 'I love you' from that first date onwards.

Looking back now, I really wonder how silly I must have been to not be with James from the start.... why did I not just cut my losses with the other bloke and just go get what was there for me the whole time.... like I said... I was stuck in the relationship out of habit... James was my perfect match and soulmate standing right in front of me for so long.

Our relationship had it's fair share of ups and downs and arguments... but we were good and strong. We both knew we were in it for the long run... and 2 nearly 2 years from our first date, James propsed to me.

James proposed to me at a music festival called Give It A Name, in London. I was taken completely by surprise and so was James. It was completely unplanned. He popped the question with a jelly ring he nicked from the pick'n'mix sweet stand. The proposal was perfect. He was down on one knee in front of looooods of people and I was not even sure if he was joking or not... when I realised he was deadly serious of course I squealed yes. We then got very very drunk.

We got married a year later on 26th May 2007 when I was 22.


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  2. That is such a sweet story! You two make a wonderful couple. Happy Valentines Day!