Friday, October 9, 2009

I am NEVER going to that toddler group again

A couple of weeks ago I posted about parents not looking after their own children and making sure they weren't being rough!

Today we went to the group again. It was APPALLING! Ollie had toys snatched from him more than 7 times. He was playing at a table that had a train track set up and there were 3 trains and 3 (including him) children playing with each. You would think they would each have a train. This was not good enough and the other 2 kids each wanted TWO trains, so they were both trying to snatch the train from Ollie (and succeeding) but snatching it from each other too. Ollie was of course very upset so I went and stood beside the other 2 children and asked politely in front of their parents, "there are 3 trains, may Oliver please have one?", the girl gave him one. Her parents were watching me and they were also watching as she snatched it from him again. They didn't say anything.

I soon saw Oliver snatch a train off someone else and went over to him and explained that you don't snatch or steal from other people and it is bold behaviour, took it from him and gave it back. I didn't shout at him or anything. I just explained.

Another time, probably when Ollie was fed up with being picked on he shouted "No No" at the boy, and the boy turned and stared at me.

I have decided not to return to this group, as have my MIL (who childminds my nephew, he comes along) and my BFF (her little one is just under 3 months). I personally don't want Ollie to be playing with these children who hurt him and are rude to him and have no discipline whatsoever. I certainly would never let him get away with pushing, shoving and snatching, I don't understand why other parents DON'T SAY ANYTHING to their children!

While I was up getting my coffee, the Pastor of the church was standing there and commented on how upset Ollie was. I politely told him that being picked on and pushed was a very good reason to be upset and that I did not think we would be returning. He couldn't see what I was so wound up about.

I don't want him to pick up these bad manners and bullying attitude by spending time with these kids. We go to a group on a Wednesday, just 5 minutes away and it is fantastic. I don't have a bad word to say about it.

I don't know if it is to do with my hormones at the minute, but I came home livid.

My BFF, My MIL (and Conor), and I have decided to try a different group next Friday. It is called Rhythm and Rhymetime and sounds fab. Maybe, seeing as it is structured, the kids there won;t be so rude and rough.

Phew... you know, it helped writing it down!

Tonight, to relax, my friend Bex and I are going on a girl date. Were going to a french restaurant and were going to have a lovely peaceful baby free time. (I'm going to be getting pigeon as my starter!! How strange is that? I hope it tastes good.)


  1. Over from SITS

    first congrats on the pregnancy! awesome!

    I cant stand when other moms don't police their children, it drives me up the wall. good for you to not go back, its honestly not worth it, the moms won't change!

  2. I don't understand parents who don't teach there children the rights and wrongs!
    I would of done exactly the same as you! :)

    Pigeon is yummy!! :D x

  3. I see you are pregnant again! Congrats! I really enjoyed looking around your lovely blog! Motherhood, my movie about a mom blogger, is coming out soon. I’d love for you to check out my blog! Hope to see you there soon!

  4. Congrats on your pregnacy!!!
    It's sooo wonderful!!Yoy are blessed.
    Have a great weekend!

    I've read in your comments that you 're looking for blogs to follow. Hope you get a chance to check my blog out!!and follow it.

  5. Sometimes the parents are just as bad as the kids. I don't get it either when the parent don't correct theire childs behavior. Just think about the child years from now if his /her behavior is'nt corrected. How sad!

    Dropping by from SITS!

  6. Good for you to sticking to your guns and not letting bad behavior go unchecked. I have a MAJOR pet peeve about lazy parents in a group play setting. Everytime we go to the playground I seem to end up being a parent to 10 instead just two. I am wiping noses, kissing boo-boos, and supply water on hot days to little ones who parents sit 20 feet away under a tree talking on a cell phone. makes my blood pressure rise just talking about it. Ollie is a precious baby and he is lucky to have a Mommy like you! :)

  7. stopping by from sits. congrats on your pregnancy. Happy sits saturday sharefest!!

  8. I hate when parents don't parent their kids. It drives me insane.

    Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest!

  9. man that drives me nuts when parents are like that!! good for you for deciding not to go back! its probably for the best! i hope you find a new group that ollie will thrive in!

  10. So sorry about your bad experience. It's good that you're making the decision to find a place that doesn't teach your child things contrary to how you want to raise him. KUDOS to you!!

    Have a blessed Sunday.