Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm 6 weeks pregnant today!

It is so strange for me being back at the start of a pregnancy again. I've forgotten all what happens in these early stages as it is 2 years since I found out I was pregnant with Ollie!!

So far I am not feeling too awful. Nausea here and there but no proper sickness just yet. I'm exhausted but not sure if I was this exhausted anyway before I found out I was pregnant!! I feel flabby... and really hope I get a neat bump soon. I showed really early when I was pregnant with Ollie. I was wearing maternity jeans from about 11 weeks! They say you show earlier with your second.

Apparently this week the gender is being determined and the baby's heart has started beating to a regular rhythm. The nose, mouth, ears, arms and legs are all starting to grow. The baby is about the size of a cupcake sprinkle.

If I had to choose what gender my instinct predicts, I would say a boy. I feel like I am having a boy. To be honest, I have no preference at all. I just want a very very healthy baby. A boy or girl would be lovely for so many reasons. Another boy would be nice, I think Ollie would love to have a little brother to run around with and get into trouble with. I also have experience of raising a little boy already! A girl would be nice because it would be lovely to have one of each (I think we only plan on having 2) and I think Ollie would make a lovely big protective brother that a little girl could talk to and be great friends with. We will definitely find out beforehand though anyway, so as to be prepared. Although, I don't think we will tell anyone, if we can help it. We have already pretty much decided on names for both!

When I was pregnant with Ollie, I had a bleed at 5 weeks and was scanned at 6 weeks, so having got to 6 weeks and not seen a sign of a bleed, I'm feeling really confident and happy about everything. Not long to go now until I see my little peanut at our first scan.

In other news, I have been thinking about where we will send Ollie to school. There is a school a 5 minute walk from our house called Belvoir Park Primary. I always thought, since we moved in here, that he would go there. However, I have changed my mind. I have seen some not so nice behaviour from the children that go there (swearing in the play park oppposite the school while little tiny children are there, and they are words I wouldn't even use!). The children just don't look friendly and don't dress clean and nice. I hope I don't sound snobby.

We have looked a little bit further a field and found one called Forge Integrated Primary School and it looks fantastic. I have asked them to send me a prospectus, because Ollie will have to go on the waiting list pretty soon. The secretary on the phone was so so polite and friendly. There is also another state school on the same road called Rosetta, which we will look at also.

It is hard for me to think of him going away to pre-school and then primary school. Over here in Ireland all the schools wear uniforms and he is going to look adorable. Part of me can't imaging not seeing him all day everyday though. I think it is nice that he will have a year at home with the new baby before he starts school and then when he is at school, the new baby will have one on one time with me.


  1. I want another baby at some point, but I'm a little nervous about getting pregnant again b/c I have pushed all of those sick, tired & super moody memories behind me! LOL

    I can't wait to see your baby bump pic!

  2. Being so close to the end of my pregnancy, it is fun to read about the beginning again :) Although I was sick as a dog from week 8-16ish....I don't want to relive that anytime soon :) I hope you continue to feel well.

  3. Congrats on your new pregnancy! YAY!