Saturday, August 8, 2009

Introduction of the naughty step!

Ollie is currently going through a 'testing the boundaries' phase at the minute and it is driving me INSANE. We have Virgin Media which has catch up tv... anytime I am watching a catch up show he comes and presses the button to turn off the Virgin box!! This means I have to turn it on again, go into catch up, select the show and then fast forward to the part I was at. Either that, or he presses the button on the side of the tv which turns it on to HDMI, AV1 or the component bit (wii, xbox 360 etc)........... gah!

He used to respond so well if I said "no" in a firm voice... now he just smiles and ignores me. So we have introduced the naughty step (which is at the bottom of the stairs). To begin with he just smiled and waved at me from his naughty step, but it seems to be having a bit more of an effect now and the amount of tv button pressing has started to slowly reduce.

"You have got to be kidding me!"

"Oh right, you weren't joking!"

"Sorry mammy!"

"I'm going to play with Daddy now."


  1. I love those pictures! I don't think he knows he's in trouble ;)

    but I know what you mean. Jackson stands up and starts banging on the TV! I end up putting him in his playpen when he does that. I know it's not really a punishment since it's full of toys, but at least I get to go for awhile without having to pull him away from the TV!