Friday, August 28, 2009

I have recovered!

Were back in the blogosphere after a sicky, busy, stressful week!

I spent most of last weekend lying on the sofa under a blanket, surfing and watching tv. Ollie stayed at my mum's house on Saturday and I tried my hardest to feel better!

On Sunday we went to my mum's (to pick Ollie up and...) for Sunday dinner. It is kind of a tradition that we go to one of our folks houses every weekend for dinner (or they come to ours). My mum made sausages and mashed potato with onion gravy (a firm favourite of mine), but I was only able to eat the potatoes and gravy as the thought of eating sausage made me feel ill.

I went into town with my friend Bex on Monday, to pick up a couple of gifts for her fiancé's brithday. It turned out to be one of those days where you just wished you had stayed at home... you know what I mean!! Ollie spent the whole morning before we left grumping at me and screaming at goodnessknowswhat and I thought getting out of the house would help. Wrong. I was able to keep him occupied long enough to eat lunch but that was about it, after lunch he just kept getting upset. I don't think he likes being strapped into his pram anymore, he just wants to run about (even though he is not fully walking yet!). Something that annoyed me to the core though happened when we were on the bus home. Some old lady was sitting behind us and started to play peekaboo with Ollie... he LAUGHED!!! He LAUGHED at this stranger when he had not even TRIED to even smile at me the whole day. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Tuesday was my little brother's (well little, I mean younger than me, but he is about a foot and a half taller) birthday and we all went out for dinner. We went to a place called 'Made in Belfast'. It was lovely, but having only recently got over my bad nausea, I was a little too ambitious when I ordered and by the end of my starter I was pretty much full. I had goats cheese, beetroot and walnut salad (if there is EVER goast cheese on a menu, I get it) and I had the special which was roast monkfish. So good, but I only got to have about 5 mouthfuls before I felt sick. My mum brought a cake for my brother, which had been given to the staff before he arrived and after our main course it was brought out in front of everyone. He was MORTIFIED!

By Wednesday I was feeling pretty much like my old self... I have lost tons of weight though... which is of course a good thing. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I'm pretty sure I have. I feel skinnier. My friend Clare (and Ruby) came and picked me and Ollie up and we all went to the park at Stormont. It's a lovely park and I can't wait to take Ollie back when he is walking confidently enough to be on reins. I had to carry him to the slide and swings because it was too mucky to crawl, but he had fun anyway. Afterwards, we went to a very baby friendly place called the Jellybean Cafe.... they have a FAB kids menu, which includes babycinos (frothed milk with chocolate on top) and shot sized smoothies! (I had a brownie and peppermint tea).

James mum came to stay over night on Thursday, we went for lunch today at the Lockkeepers Inn (stuffed peppers), walked home through the forest and got caught in a mega heavy rain shower. After Flo left, my friend Charlene turned up with her little boy Josh. I love that Ollie has so many friends to play with. It's good for him.

This is probably a really boring post....................


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You crammed a lot in while you were sick. Aren't sick people supposed to stay in bed? lol I wish it was raining here this over 100 degree weather everyday for weeks is killing me. BRING ON THE RAIN.

    So any good halloween kits come your way? I love halloween and I can't wait to spook out my blog come the first!!

  2. Being sick sucks, especially as mom. Happy Saturday Sharefest. come say hi at

  3. Not at all boring - checked that link to Made In Belfast - looks great.

    Will definitely have to check it out.

    Been to both Stormont Park, and Jellybean Cafe, but not too recently.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest from SITS