Thursday, January 1, 2009


Here's to a wonderful 2009!  We had a lovely night out at a bar called the Cloth Ear.  We went with friends and enjoyed a lovely 4 course dinner with champagne and got a little the worse for wear!

2008 was a great year with so much happening!  James and I celebrated our 1st anniversary and Ollie arrived one week later... James passed his driving test at the start of August and we made the move back to Belfast from Dublin at the end of August!  Weve moved into a house we love which we plan to buy in the summer... and we had Ollie's first Christmas at which he cut his very first tooth.  I've been going to mother and baby group which I love and have made a super dooper mummy friend just a few doors up from us!

Having little Ollie has changed my life forever and I can't imagine what life would be like right now if he had not been born!  I'm having so much fun (and yes there are bits that are super stressful... but it's never boring).  James and I think to ourselves sometimes... what did we do before we had a baby!  We find ourselves being so so busy right now we wonder what we filled our time with before!

I hope 2009 can be as exciting and rewarding as 2008...

...and as for my resolutions... well... still thinking about a couple of them but the main one is to get back to my wedding weight by our 2nd anniversary (which is just 4 months and a bit away!).

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