Monday, January 5, 2009

7 months today!

O0o0o0oh my goodness how fast the year is going!  I can't believe that Ollie is now 7 months old.  He is changing so so much everyday.

He is becoming so much more interested in his toys rather than chewing EVERYTHING.  The music makers (jingly thing and a shakey thing etc) I got him for Christmas are going down a treat... he knows to shake them to make a noise.

Ollie is getting so so strong... he can sit completly unaided and reaches forward and striaghtens himself up without falling over.  His legs can take all his weight but he is so wobbly.  No interest as yet in crawling and he does not like to practice as he hates being on his front!!

Weaning is going really well... Ollie is off purees now and onto lumps.  He didn't fancy them at first but now is really learning how to chew.  He has had a go at some toast and biscuits and little slices of cheese.  He loves finger foods... think he likes the independence!  He has eaten such a wide variety of foods... even homemade salmon fishcakes I made mashed with milk.  He really seems to like fish and he loves cheesy pasta!  He won't drink so much milk anymore so we are making up for it with Petit Filous yoghurts which he adores.  I tried him with scrabled egg for the first time today but I think I cooked it too rubbery and it was quite hard for him to manage!

Ollie's repertoire of 'words' (babbles) is getting larger every single day.  Sometimes I think he knows a foreign language!  I sometimes repeat his words back to him and this really makes him smile!  I make an effort to talk to him as much as possible and talk about the things around us!

Tonight we have started to try controlled crying... totally our own fault, but Ollie had started only sleeping when one of us rocked him to sleep and the other night was the last straw when he wouldn't even sleep with rocking!  It was so hard... I went in after 2 minutes and then 5, 8 and then 15... it took him from 8 - 8.45 to fall asleep.... so so so hard but he has to learn to fall asleep on his own.  Fingers crossed this is it now for the night and he does not wake up very upset again.

We have not yet had an real problems with seperation anxiety which normally happens around this time.  He is very used to other people and stays overnight at grandparents a lot!  There was an instance though that during the day I had been playing a game where i hid behind the door and peekabooed after a second... I did this a few times.  Later that day I went over to the shop and when I came home James said as soon as I left Ollie stared at the door and when I didn't peekaboo, he started to cry!

He is finally getting over his sickness (bronchiolitis and THEN a cold!) and his appetite has picked up again...

Oh!  and it looks like he might have his second tooth by the weekend!

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  1. Ohh things will start to get really fun now. I remember when Catherine was 7 months old. I swear she looked different everyday, older and older. The changes will come so fast now your head will spin. So much fun. Makes me what to have another one. Luckly I had my tubes tied so there can be no lapses of judgement.. lol I already have 3 I think that is plenty. Stop by and see me sometime. Your blog is so cute I love the layout.