Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My belly is going mad!

Honestly... whoever said that the baby's movements would decrease the closer I got to my due date, lied!  The baby has been moving nonstop all day and most of the night for the past week and shows no sign of slowing down any.  I constantly have a foot poking out of my right side just under my ribs.  I wonder if his movement is an indicator of how excited he is to come and meet us... I have this vision of him sitting in my tummy jumping up and down clapping his hands because he is so excited.  I wouldn't blame him... James and I have been talking about so many plans and fun things we are going to do when the baby arrives.

I think I'm going to miss all the crazy movements and shapes my belly makes when the baby is born.  It would be odd to not feel any movement at all... I won't miss the need to pee 4 times during the night because the baby is bouncing on my bladder.


  1. Haha! You had me laughing at the baby jumping and clapping his hands in your belly :P

  2. My baby hasn't quit moving yet either! He seriously freaks my husband out when he starts kicking so hard that you can see it across the room!